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.. While the study as men and women, said London and his co-authors Elizabeth Allen, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Colorado – Denver and Janet M. Wilmoth, professor of sociology at Syracuse University, her data set contain too few female veterans to draw definitive conclusions about them as a separate group. – The results of this study provide robust evidence, that veteran status with an increased likelihood with an increased likelihood of extramarital sex and divorce – at least for men – and suggest that the likelihood of extramarital sex and divorce could among female among female veterans, London said.

– To the extent that the patterns observed in these data for our current veteran population maintain, the results of this study offer evidence that the concerns about infidelity among spouses of persons who have served in the military to a large extent to a large extent said Andrew said Andrew S. Chairman of the Department of Sociology and sociology professor at Syracuse University. But though the reported rates of infidelity were significantly higher for veterans than non – veterans, veteran status,ex was reported by only a third of ever married veteran respondents. veteran status, marital infidelity and divorce, the study also found that among those who had ever been married, divorced veterans nearly 10 % more used . There was also a strong association between extramarital sex and divorce both veterans and non – veterans.The Experementsubscribers in two experiments restarted did neutral faces with a negative gossip, gossip mated a positive or neutral gossips, so that it learned what faces bad, good or neutral.

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