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Researchers looked at dental and medical insurance data for 29,000 pregnant females. The women had medical and oral insurance coverage with Aetna, which allowed researchers to find out if there have been links between dental treatment and women having babies who were pre-term or who acquired low birth weights. The results suggested that for ladies with medical and dental insurance, provision of dental care, dental prophylaxis particularly, was associated with lower incidence of adverse birth outcomes. Online on November 22 AJPH released the study, 2010 and will also publish the analysis in the January print edition. These findings lead us to believe that pregnant women who actively look for dental hygiene will adopt a wellness philosophy which bears over to other areas of their health, said Mary Lee Conicella, DMD, Aetna’s chief dental officer.Sea buckthorn has been used in traditional Tibetan and Mongolian medication for centuries also, most used for marketing digestion commonly, blood circulation, cough and pain relief. This is truly a thrilling natural health product, particularly because it is such an exciting and beneficial fruit. Sea buckthorn provides important Omega-7 essential fatty acids, which are not made by the human being body and are very rarely within the plant kingdom. However, they certainly are a principle element in our skin regeneration. As an all natural health product, it is a forward thinking antioxidant sits its essential oil rejuvenates with natural vitamin supplements truly, Omega fatty acids, tocopherol and cartenoids.