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Fewer than one-half of pregnant women in low – and middle-income countries who require care to avoid vertical transmission have access. The disconnect between currently available knowledge and access to HIV avoidance and treatment providers for those who use injection medicines in Eastern Europe and Central Asia has also emerged as a key conference theme. Though injecting practices fuel the region’s epidemic, usage of sound strategies scientifically, including needle and syringe exchange programmes and opioid substitution therapy, are scarce and actually illegal in many locations, including Russia. ‘In Eastern Europe, a few kilometres from Vienna just, drug make use of is driving the AIDS epidemic,’ said Dr.The world’s most polluted streetIn April 2014, a thick smog forced colleges across Britain to keep children indoors, and adults to cancel outdoor exercise. After that, just months later, researchers from King’s College London found that Oxford Road in London has the world’s highest recorded concentrations of nitrogen dioxide. They believe that the tall buildings lining both sides of the road box in diesel fumes. Airways obstruction and a stiffening of the arteries happened in both healthy volunteers and people with lung disease, also after limited contact with diesel pollution, researcher Rudy Sinharay said.