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AHCA educated AHF that the switch is definitely in response to a rise in demand for Truvada for use as a prevention pill by HIV-negative people and the fraudulent prescriptions that are appearing consequently. AHCA’s notice stated: ‘Effective August 12, 2011, all incoming pharmacy claims for HIV/AIDS related anti-retroviral medications will demand specific HIV/AIDS diagnosis codes in the medical statements background. Recipients who are getting treated for Hepatitis B with a medicine in this class will need to have the correct Hep B analysis code in the medical claims history. A proper diagnosis code must be found within days gone by 365 days of the day of the pharmacy state submission. HIV/AIDS-related anti-retroviral medications remain included on the preferred drug list by statutory exemption generally.The key is to keep the body hydrated for smooth working of the physical body, which includes burning calories also. Drinking plenty of water eliminates dangerous stuff from your body and also helps to control hunger pangs. It is advisable that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of fresh water on a daily basis. Include yogurt in your diet Plain yogurt consists of probiotics that assist in improving digestion. It also works wonders for maintaining a strong stability of gut flora which is vital in optimizing digestion and wearing down of body fat; this will help to reduce weight.