The technology platform has been provided by eye tracking expert SensoMotoric Instruments at CITEC.

Kai Essig , the Faculty of Psychology and Sports Research and also the Faculty of Technology and the initiative Bielefeld 2000plus STUDIES for the Region are also participating in the task. Furthermore, the Institute for KNOW-HOW, GENERAL MARKET TRENDS, and Entrepreneurship , linked to the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics will provide advice in economic issues, conduct market analysis and prepare a marketing concept for the merchandise. The v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel, particularly proWerk Bethel and Altenhilfe Bethel, provides their know-how in diagnostics, actions assistance, and inclusion to the task. The Foundation's strength in providing look after the elderly and handicapped, and also in integrating disabled people into the workforce produces an optimal research setting.Studies show that inadequate sleep is connected with declines in mental and physical health, decreased cognitive function and elevated obesity, she said in a university information release. This new study shows that exposure to a natural environment can help people get the sleep they need. More than 255,000 adults from over the USA were surveyed on the subject of their quality of rest in the last month. Most said they slept fewer than seven nights during the month poorly. But those that said they slept poorly on 21 to 29 nights were less likely to get access to green areas or other natural areas than those who said they slept poorly on fewer than seven nights.