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With PacketSure Managed DLP as a choice in your hosted networking and IT providers, we’re able to bring the best security solutions to our clients and help our clients continue to be secure with their data. Alliance Systems has became a member of the Palisade VIP Reseller System also, and will be reselling PacketSure DLP along with PacketSure Managed DLP. As part of the Palisade Systems reseller plan, Alliance Technologies can participate in the business’s marketing initiatives, the PSI Registration and Secure Assessment Applications, Extended Terms Applications and other sales support initiatives..Each site and the web pages within those sites had been evaluated for strategies used to prolong visits, types and rate of recurrence of branding features, and the number and prominence of nourishment and exercise messages. After assessing 19 websites, 290 webpages and 247 advergames, they found:. Close to one-third of the advertising that included websites was for meals. The most regularly used strategy to encourage ongoing and return website appointments was advergames – – 84 % of web sites assessed included online flash games. Every advergame included at least one brand identifier, with logos being the most typical and direct product representation being the second-most frequent.