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The buzz about the beautiful little brains of big insects A long tradition of learning invertebrates to understand about anxious systems has contributed greatly to our understanding of the functional organization, development and evolution of the intricate networks and the neural mechanisms that are in the main of behavior. Insects specifically offer powerful experimental model systems. Today, the most prominent example is the fruit fly, whose genomic and genetic advantages attract many researchers, but whose small size is usually limiting for a few kinds of research.Allina is impressed with the scalability and versatility of the Acuo software program, added Jonathan Shoemaker, Allina’s Information Services Supervisor. Their ability to expand to meet up our growing capability and different workflow requirements is paramount to attaining our archiving strategy while also reducing our total cost of ownership. SOURCE Acuo Technologies.

AIUM grants ultrasound practice accreditation to Smith Institute for Urology The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine recently granted ultrasound practice accreditation in urology to Smith Institute for Urology in New Hyde Recreation area, New York.