TC3 is the premier company of fraud.

AMPS, TC3 announce affiliate partnership to expand health care cost containment offerings Advanced Medical Prices Solutions and TC3 Health, Inc. recently declared an affiliate partnership to expand the health care price containment offerings of both companies. TC3 is the premier company of fraud, abuse and waste detection services for healthcare payers throughout the United Claims ed treatment . TC3’s TruClaim platform includes: proprietary rules-structured fraud diagnostics; scientific code edit compliance and advanced duplicate detection technology; a robust suspect service provider watch list; web-defense portal; CaseTracker software program to automate and manage investigations and various other fraud management functions, and a staffed investigative unit to conduct rational and defensible fraud fully, abuse and waste investigations.

Participation in the AMGF Best Practices RA Collaborative gives participants mission-critical encounter in engaging specialty departments such as for example rheumatology in performance measurement and improvement. The program gives a shared learning environment where participants can exchange strategies and experiences as they work to improve the treatment provided to individuals with RA. Through a yearlong group of activities, participating businesses could have the opportunity to check approaches and design care processes that are highly relevant to their medical and operational versions.