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Davis Rajeev Jain, MD, AGAF Lawrence S. Kim, MD, AGAF Kim Persley, MD Sheryl A. Pfeil, MD, AGAF Lori N. Marks, PhD.. AGA releases proposed alternate pathway to recertification Frustrated by a maintenance of qualification process that doesn't improve patient care, the American Gastroenterological Association this week released a proposed alternate pathway to recertification that is founded on established learning theory. It eliminates the high-stakes exam and replaces it with active, adaptive, self-directed learning modules that enable continuous responses. AGA shared the proposed pathway with the American Table of Internal Medicine , which runs the current maintenance of qualification process which has drawn ire from the medical community for not really meeting physician needs.In addition, a balanced workout is assured when you apply the same volumes for each muscle group. This will allow your muscle growth increase rapidly and accidents from training are better avoided. Tip 7: Get enough sleep. Training and workout routines will exhaust you certainly and your program would desperately want an ample amount of rest and sleep to be able to recover and keep on with working out. So ensure that you allot yourself enough time to sleep. These are just some of the tips on muscle building. There is more out there plenty. However, these seven will be useful already for an aspiring bodybuilder as if you extremely.

Suicide Risk Might Rise for a few After Weight-Loss Surgery: – WEDNESDAY, Oct. 7, 2015 – – Troubled individuals who have weight-loss medical procedures will attempt suicide following the procedure, a new study suggests.