Someone who chooses medicines over their own families.

Vicky Dulai individually witnessed the failure of the criminal justice system to rehabilitate drug offenders. Her brother, Balraj Dulai, was in and out of jail for drug related crimes until his loss of life at age 31. The goal: to raise awareness and become a resource for agencies, people, and treatment modalities that are working to increase compassion and decrease the stigma around addiction. ‘Shame and stigma can’t coexist with compassion,’ Dulai says. ‘When you can create a location for compassion, you create the space where people can in fact heal then.’ Share your thoughts on compassion in addiction treatment in the feedback below, or by using the hashtag #14Days.‘The NSF's Science and Technology Center competition is quite intense, with 270 applications this season alone, and few outstanding concepts are chosen nationally for this prestigious award,’ stated Sethuraman ‘Panch’ Panchanathan, senior vice president for Arizona State University's Workplace of Knowledge Enterprise Development. ‘The award of the center testifies to the world-class analysis executed by our exemplary faculty and scientific leaders. It will significantly accelerate this activity and create Arizona Condition University as the leader in developing brand-new bio-imaging techniques to address health challenges and improve the quality of life.’ Eaton Lattman, a professor in the UB Division of Structural Biology in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and ceo of the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Analysis Institute, will become director of the new center.