Relating to an investigative report by VacTruth.

According to insider info obtained by England, these children definitely became injured as the result of the MenAfriVac vaccine, and it played out in the form of severe engorgement, paralysis, and renal dysfunction. And the children’s parents are now seeking help for his or her babies, most of whom have already been denied follow-up medical care as a result of having been falsely declared to become ‘healthy.’ ‘The children all of a sudden drop to the ground and shake violently before going paralyzed,’ explained one relative of a young child to England. ‘We do not know what’s wrong and we want answers.Approximately six million U.S. Adults have been identified as having atrial fibrillation , a condition characterized by an instant and irregular pulse that may cause serious complications, including stroke, palpitations, fainting and early death. AFib analysis has increased over the past two decades and the problem now accounts for one-quarter of most strokes in older people. ‘This new device has the potential to make AFib ablation more dependable, more reproducible, and even more consistent for sufferers with paroxysmal [intermittent] atrial fibrillation,’ said Dr. Reddy. ‘The technology which happens to be available leads to widely variable success rates, depending largely on physician skill and encounter with the procedure.