Plague May Have Infected Humans SOONER THAN Thought: THURSDAY nutrition.

Plague May Have Infected Humans SOONER THAN Thought: – THURSDAY, Oct. 22, 2015 – – Plague infected humans thousands of years sooner than previously believed, a fresh study suggests. Researchers analyzed DNA from the teeth of Bronze Age group human remains in European countries and Asia and discovered signs of plague infections about 4,800 years back nutrition . That’s 3,300 years earlier than prior evidence. But it was at least another thousand years prior to the plague-leading to Yersinia pestis bacterium experienced genetic changes that allowed it to spread via fleas also to avoid the host immune system, the new study contends.

The findings suggest that prenatal nicotine direct exposure causes a reprogramming of cardiac function resulting in an increase in cardiovascular susceptibility to ischemia and reperfusion injury in adult offspring. Furthermore, the result of nicotine shows a gender dichotomy with females becoming more susceptible than males. The selective effect of nicotine on coronary movement in the female heart may contribute to the increased susceptibility of feminine vs. Man hearts, in response to ischemia and reperfusion-induced cardiac harm in animals exposed to prenatal nicotine treatment. Additional study is required.. 11 % of American women smoke during pregnancy At least 11 % of American women smoke during pregnancy.