Older Adults Hearing Loss May Be Tied to Earlier Death: THURSDAY.

Still, Kim described, the study cannot account for all of the factors that affect people’s longevity. And even though hearing reduction has been linked with other health issues, it’s not clear that hearing difficulties will be the cause, she said. Ideally, Kim said, studies would consider the effects of treating hearing loss: Carry out patients given hearing aids, for instance, live and healthier lives longer? Contrera agreed. ‘The big question is, do hearing aids and other therapies impact?’ he said. Of whether hearing loss ultimately affects longevity Regardless, it does affect standard of living, both Kim and Contrera said.For instance, younger patients tend to have low-grade tumors. Also affecting survival, he added, is just how much cancers remains following the initial surgery. The brand new study, he said, reinforces these points basically, emphasizing the need for stage, age, tumor quality and tumor type. But Cress and her co-workers were also surprised to learn that some ladies who lived longer had high-risk cancers. Of the 3 nearly,600 long-term survivors, 954 would have been classified to be at risky of an earlier death because of their older age or the advanced stage of their cancer tumor. Older patients are more likely to have various other chronic health conditions, Cress explained, and these conditions can affect how aggressively a patient can be treated.