Medical physicists are partnering with technologists.

AAPM dispels common myths about CT scans A panel of experts at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine has issued a statement calling for an open up discussion of the facts about radiation hazards from computed tomography scanning in light of recent public concerns and news reports about radiation dosage. Medical physicists are partnering with technologists, radiologists, regulators, manufacturers, administrators, and others to make an effort to ensure that CT scans are only given when medically indicated – – so when they are performed that the minimum amount amount of radiation is used to get the necessary diagnostic information .

‘Everyone knows someone whose lifestyle has been transformed in profound methods by pain that has not been effectively controlled,’ said Dr. Great, who has been vigilant in getting the disparity between patient suffering and the under-accessed pain treatment before Congress. Excerpts from the positioning Statement stick to: AAPMedicine Applauds the Inclusion of Pain Treatment in the New Healthcare Reform The American Academy of Pain Medication commends the inclusion of essential components from the 2009 2009 National Pain Care Policy Act within the historic health care reform bill, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Work, signed by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010.