Medical Marijuana Seems Safe and sound for Chronic Pain Individuals.

The trial may be the first and largest study of the long-term safety of medical marijuana use by patients in chronic pain, Ware said. The researchers followed 215 adult patients with chronic discomfort who used medical pot for just one year. The researchers compared the marijuana users to a control group of 216 chronic pain patients who didn’t make use of medical marijuana. The scholarly study involved seven pain treatment centers across Canada. The people using pot were given leaf marijuana containing 12.5 % THC from hospital pharmacies, Ware said.Quantitative PCR evaluation of mRNA expression amounts for multiple genes is shown in Amount 2Figure 2Gene Expression in Brown and Light Adipose Tissue. Evaluation of the tissue-biopsy specimens demonstrated that expression of uncoupling protein 1 , which really is a marker gene for brownish adipose cells, was increased by one factor greater than 1000 in comparison with expression in white adipose tissue.11 This process is thought to be important for maintaining normal body’s temperature in rodents, animals that hibernate, and individual newborns.12 The instrumental part of UCP1 in this technique has been shown in research of mice which have a targeted deletion of the gene; these mice have a severely blunted capability to maintain normal body’s temperature if they are acutely exposed to cold.13 Deiodinase, iodothyronine, type II mRNA was also significantly up-regulated in dark brown adipose tissue in comparison with white adipose tissue in our three topics .