Marcin Imielinski.

As a result, it seems unlikely that there are common variants with a large effect on asthma.4 However, because only a small proportion of the disease heritability has been explained to date, it seems likely that additional common variants connected with a little or modest risk remain to be uncovered. The truth that only an individual locus has thus far been implicated in a predisposition to asthma by genomewide association4 suggests that detection of additional loci depends upon genotyping either samples that are substantially bigger than those previously genotyped or samples that are enriched for genetic disease through the inclusion of affected persons who were young at the time of the onset of asthma or who had severe disease.This effect is mediated primarily via the angiotensin 1 receptor . Medications that inhibit the ACE enzyme or block the AT1R receptor are used by millions to lower blood pressure. Scientific trials and medical observations have increased the suspicion that RAAS also takes on a decisive function in immunological processes. Inflammation and paralysis reversed Within their tests, the Heidelberg researchers first demonstrated that the RAAS was actually elevated in MS foci in the brains of deceased MS sufferers. Then they treated mice that acquired an autoimmune disease of the nervous system identical to MS with ACE inhibitors and AT1R blockers.