Item: Not enough nitric oxide bioavailability: a hypothesis.

Item: Not enough nitric oxide bioavailability: a hypothesis, to avoid adverse effects of transfusion to explain to explain. John D. Robert Neuman, Arshed Quyyumi and Roy Sutliff. ;; Published Online: April 15, 2014 .

Item: Microparticles in Stored Red Blood Cells as potential mediators of transfusion complications. Jy Jy, Marco Ricci, Sherry Shariatmadar, Orlando Gomez – Marin, Lawrence H. Horstman, and Yeon S. TRANSFUSION; Published Online: April 15, 2014 .##This version of is available in German.Title of the publication:, Manuel Ferrer, Golyshina, Ana Beloqui, W ttger, Julio Polaina, Antonio L. De Lacey di Trautwein, Kenneth N. And Peter N. Golyshin: A purple acidophilic di – ferrous DNA ligase of Ferroplasma. PNAS published in June of 24.1073 / PNAS.

Those conditions to destroy protein, ensuring that all biological functions in cells been to a halt. Well what we make at the borders of hostile conditions be found can find to find life of? Scholars from the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Braunschweig have joined with colleagues from Spain and United Kingdom an enzyme that is an enzyme that requires acids and dissolved metals, in order to operate. The team describe his knowledge about the extremes protein of the archaebacterium Ferro acidiphilum of current online issue which prestigious U.S. Journal PNAS.

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You Feel What You Eat from Radha Chitale, ABC News Medical Unit.