Hormone or radiation therapy.

A prostatectomy, among other side effects, has been proven to cause impotence in 60 percent of sufferers, and incontinence in 39 percent of patients. It is for these reasons, then, that an substitute treatment for prostate tumor should be considered if you are identified as having prostate cancer. Prostate cancers is particular for the reason that its malignancy cells grow at a very slow rate. What this means is that alternative remedies for prostate cancer aren’t only practical but could possibly be preferable.The characteristics of the participants in the weight-loss and control groups were similar at baseline .) had been similar in both groups. At baseline, 297 females experienced at least one bout of stress incontinence and 320 females acquired at least one episode of urge incontinence weekly. In both groups, urge-related incontinence was more common than stress-related incontinence. Follow-up At the 6-month follow-up assessment, 318 women provided weight data , and 304 women completed the 7-day voiding diary . Baseline variables, including age, race, parity, BMI, type of incontinence, frequency of incontinence episodes, and pad weight weren’t associated with the retention of participants at six months significantly.