Hermann Schillers et al.

PeakForce Tapping resolves specific microvilli on living cells. J. Mol. Recognit., doi: 10.1002/jmr.2510., Courtesy of Bruker Nano Surfaces Approximately BioScope Resolve BioScope Resolve is an AFM designed specifically for the highest resolution imaging of most biological samples while on the inverted optical microscope. BioScope Resolve is the only AFM to solve specific microvilli on live cells. It provides the most complete selection of capabilities for cell mechanics and molecular force spectroscopy.Deaths among poultry in the neighbourhood have been reported recently. The source of exposure happens to be under investigation. The second case is a 37 year old female from Tangerang, Banten Province. She developed symptoms on 1 January 2007 and was hospitalized on 6 January 2007. She continues to be in intensive treatment. Initial investigations suggest unwell poultry as the feasible way to obtain infection. Of the 76 cases confirmed to time in Indonesia, 57 have already been fatal.S. For use against late-stage melanomaMillions even more bird species killed by West Nile virus than previously thoughtStudy provides novel insight in to the development of hepatitis A virus and how it spreads to humans Final number of cases contains quantity of deaths.