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‘Herbal remedies dietary supplements dietary supplements, which means they are of the safety and efficacy regulations that the U.S. Needed Food and Drug Administration for prescription and over-the – counter medicine,’said David T. Rispler, This allows of the Grand Rapids / Michigan State University Orthopaedic Residency Program. ‘As a result, individual in large clinical trials not been thoroughly studied in large clinical trials, and little information on the interactions between drugs and herbs. ‘ In addition, many herbal products as ‘natural’or marketed ‘homeopathic ‘, which can cause consumers expect it, the products are safe, even if with prescription drugs, said Dr.

Although the use of herbal medicines by patients GPs should be monitored, said Dr. Rispler orthopedists should have an understanding of the potential side effects of some of the most common CAM products with their patients and be able to guide them in suspending use prior to surgery.Influenza on the World Health Organization than ‘widespread’across 10 European countries by reported instances of respiratory disease, medical intervention increase in 17 countries – in Italy, for example the number of cases a week has doubled recent. Is not only planes from influenza unusually high for the time of year, to H1N1virus around 99 % of the time.

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