sponsored by Mowatt United Methodist Church

Looking for other ways to support the local Scout Troop besides becoming an adult volunteer. You can support our Scout Troop by supporting these Fundraisers.

Eating…. Labor Day Weekend in Greenbelt we operate a concession stand. We sell Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers and new in 2010 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches as our primary items.  2010 completed the Troop’s 19th year at the Festival.  Neat item of interest that in 19 years we have sold over 22,500 Burgers and 22,500 Hot Dogs.


Eating or Gifting….The Troop along with many other Cub and Boy Scout units sell Popcorn. We have Microwavable and variety of Pre-popped popcorn. You can also participate in Operation Popcorn by making a donation so that we can send Popcorn to active duty military around the world.   Links soon to be added.

Decorating or Gifting…Holiday Wreath Sale.  We take orders during the Month of October. The Wreaths arrive just before Thanksgiving and should be delivered by Dec. 4.       



We ask that you support other organizations around Greenbelt that also have supported our Troop.
Mowatt United Methodist Church         Greenbelt Community Church          Saint Hughs Catholic Church
Greenbelt American Legion Post 136    Sons of American Legion Squadron 136    Ladies Auxiliary 136
Knights of Columbus Saint Pixus 10      Greenbelt Lions Club
Businesses that have supported the Troop:        Greenbelt COOP          Generous Joe’s