Fragrant plants.

Does the appealing, showy tree harbor a powerful cancer fighter also? Yes, according to an increasing number of studies, including one from VA and the University of Alabama at Birmingham that is now on the web in the journal Oncotarget. The study focused on squamous cell head and neck cancers, a scourge among those who use tobacco and alcohol. Based on the National Cancers Institute, at least 3 in 4 neck and head cancers are due to the usage of tobacco and alcohol. The cancers have only a 50 % survival rate, killing some 20,000 Americans each year. Enter honokiol–chemical formula C18H18O2. Among the major active compounds in magnolia extract, the phytochemical offers been used for years and years in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine to treat anxiety and other conditions.Although the condition is mostly confined to the central nervous system, small levels of PrPSc are present in lots of tissues and body liquids even at early presymptomatic phases of the condition.6-8 Although the number of sufferers with this disease is fairly small , it is unclear just how many people might carry infectious material due to a preclinical or subclinical condition.K.10 Studies in animal models have shown that bovine spongiform encephalopathy infection often results in subclinical or carrier states, which on secondary transmitting can produce the entire disease in a much more efficient way.