Registration & Camping Fees

Know any adults with a couple hours a week free? Who have various interest and would like to share them with young people. Send our webmaster an email expressing your interest. 

Membership Registration

The Troop is required to re-charter with the council office once a year. Currently our term runs from . Feb. 1 to Jan. 31. To give everyone enough time to handle this process we collect fees during the Nov./Dec. time period. 

The Fees for 2010 are as follows. Fees are Due For Current Members Dec. 18.

Members under 18 — $25.00

Members over 18 — $15.00

If you are transferring from another unit the fee is $2.00. 

The above fees include membership, publications and liability insurance. These fees don’t cover the troop’s operation budget.



Weekend (Short term)

The Troop has a policy that everyone camping and eating with the troop and patrols on camping trips will pay $15.00 for the weekend. This fee is due two (2) troop meetings before camping trip. This fee needs to be paid in cash. Again this fee only covers the food cost unless the Scoutmaster is purchasing the food then it covers half the food cost. Actual camping fees for individual events are covered by the troop unless otherwise announced.

Example of this would be: If we made a reservation to camp at some location i.e. Kings Dominion Camp Ground, that would be covered but entrance into the park would be extra cost covered by each participant.

Summer Camp (Long Term)

All Fees for summer camp should be paid in full by the May 25 before Summer Camp. Balances still owed after May 25 will increase by $10.00. But no later than 1 week before departure to camp.

Deposits and Installments will be taken anytime after Jan. 1. 

As soon as the committee has determined its budget needs the amount rebated will be announced.  Anyone who supports by working required shifts in our primary fundraiser is entitled to receive the camp rebate.

As a guide: Summer Camp 2010 was $300 per youth member before May 25! $310 after.

Please Contact the Committee Chair; Membership Chair or the Scoutmaster with any questions.