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Influence of polysorbate 80 to the susceptibility of gram-positive bacteria oritavancin After initial observations that P80 reduced ORI MICs of S. Aureus and E. Faecalis but for S. Pneumoniae, this study examined the effect on P80 ORI MICs for 301 clinical strains of bacteria from these three genera , compared with VAN and TEI. The researchers observed significant reductions in ORI MICs for enterococci and staphylococci with P80 while P80 had little to no effect on the MICs for TEI and VAN. ORI MICs were unchanged. With or without P80 for streptococci , which are related to the inclusion of LHB in the culture medium.

In a second dose range in vivo model, single doses of ORI one hour after exposure of mice to PSSP were administered. This study showed the maximum effect of the dose at 6.49+ / – 0.18 mg / kg, with a dose of 2.76+ / – 0.3 mg / kg, of which 50 % of the maximum killing.

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