Easy-to-use Web site to help answer consumer queries about contact lens safety.

‘With more than 30 million Us citizens wearing contacts for eyesight correction, we saw a need to be able to answer questions that will come up outside of regular business hours,’ said Thomas Quinn, Jr., O.D., AOA CLCS Council Member. ‘This web site has been intended to become a one-stop resource for questions regarding lens safety.’ An array of information are available on the website. Topics covered include zoom lens replacement schedules, purchasing contacts and contact lens wear in various environments. Also included may be the ‘Ask the Professional’ section where customers can submit their contact lens query to a panel of experts. Dr. Quinn cautions that the site offers only information on lens safety and isn’t an alternative for an annual extensive eye examination.. AOA launches new easy-to-use Site about lens safety The American Optometric Association launched a fresh, easy-to-use Web site to help answer consumer queries about contact lens safety.Ladies should still be given information about and easy access to emergency contraception, since it is a safe and effective way to avoid unintended pregnancies for specific women who will utilize it when needed. .

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