Debbie Payne-Turner.

Kathryn G read here . Roberts, Ph.D., Yongjin Li, Ph.D., Debbie Payne-Turner, B.S., Richard C. Harvey, Ph.D., Yung-Li Yang, M.D., Deqing Pei, M.S., Kelly McCastlain, B.S., Li Ding, Ph.D., Charles Lu, Ph.D., Guangchun Melody, M.S., Jing Ma, Ph.D., Jared Becksfort, M.S., Michael Rusch, B.A., Shann-Ching Chen, Ph.D., John Easton, Ph.D., Jinjun Cheng, M.D., Kristy Boggs, Ph.D., Natalia Santiago-Morales, B.S., Ilaria Iacobucci, Ph.D., Robert S. Fulton, Ph.D., Ji Wen, Ph.D., Marcus Valentine, B.A., Cheng Cheng, Ph.D., Steven W. Paugh, Ph.D., Meenakshi Devidas, Ph.D., I-Ming Chen, D.V.M., Shalini Reshmi, Ph.D., Amy Smith, B.S., Erin Hedlund, Ph.D., Pankaj Gupta, M.S., Panduka Nagahawatte, M.S., Gang Wu, Ph.D., Xiang Chen, Ph.D., Donald Yergeau, Ph.D., Bhavin Vadodaria, B.A., Heather Mulder, B.S., Naomi J.

We obtained similar results in the analyses that were altered for prespecified baseline risk elements and in the per-protocol analyses . The prespecified subgroup analyses demonstrated no significant heterogeneity in the effect of the transfusion threshold on mortality at 3 months between patients with and the ones without chronic cardiovascular disease, patients 70 years or younger and the ones older than 70 years, and individuals with a SAPS II of 53 or much less and those with a SAPS II of more than 53 at baseline . A complete of 7.2 percent of the individuals in the lower-threshold group, as compared with 8.0 percent in the higher-threshold group, had one or more ischemic events in the ICU .