Coronary Artery Diseaseto move the coronary arteries and blood from your heart.

Over time may form fatty acid molecules, and other materials in the walls of blood vessels and plaque that makes the blood vessels narrow and restricted blood flow. Blood flow. This condition is known as atherosclerosis. A decrease in blood flow to angina . However, if the blood supply to the heart is interrupted, You can help plaque or a blood clot when plaque breaks, you could be at risk for a heart attack developed.. Coronary Artery Diseaseto move the coronary arteries and blood from your heart.

Hat affects the heart chronic caused by inflammation of the pericardium, the sac that surrounds your heart. The symptoms of pericarditis may occur are sharp pain in the chest and shortness of breath occasionally. Pericar – Ditis usually does not damage your heart ‘s ability to work, not directly involved in not directly involved in the cardiac tissue. However, inflammation is chronic scar the heart tissue with the heart’s ability to pump blood may interfere.. If you have lupus, you are at increased risk of coronary heart disease. This is partly because people with lupus have more risk factors, the following: – Hypertension in renal disease or use of corticosteroids – elevated cholesterol levels of corticosteroids – type – 2 diabetes by corticosteroids – an inactive, sedentary lifestyle due to fatigue, common problems and / or muscle pain.

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