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The program will create a target measure to assess simple competency for individuals trained in short-term, non degree health IT programs and for people of the workforce seeking to demonstrate their competency using health IT workforce functions. Strategic Wellness IT Advanced Research Projects Plan : The SHARP program recognizes the vital importance of research to support improvements in the product quality, safety, and performance of health care by creating ‘breakthrough’ advances in it.Along with good diet, fitness is very important for healthy body also. Exercising helps to remain the BMI level or index needed for your body. BMI may be the body mass index. BMI calculates the thinness or the fatness of anybody. It is calculated according to the height of any person. Maintaining general fitness is very important. A person must workout and eat well in order to gain or lose weight. For exercising we’ve large amount of options today. Aerobics, yoga, gym are some of the options. After that personal training options are available for the same also. Exercises for gaining or losing weight are available.