Based on the CDC.

Advantages of a Rapid Oral HIV Test The rapid oral test is a substantial advance since it might allow for testing of more individuals read . Based on the CDC, 1.2 million Americans have HIV, but one-fifth don`t know it. About 50,000 Americans each year become infected with HIV. Among those that get examined using traditional methods, 31 percent of these who test positive usually do not return for his or her results . People provide a variety of reasons for not really returning for their test outcomes. The frequency of every response depends on the populace being tested. The most commonly given reasons include the following: Concern with a positive resultLack of transportationRelocating to a fresh cityBelief they are at low risk for HIV and therefore the result will become negativeFear that their HIV status will become disclosed to someone elseSignificant benefits of the rapid HIV test for oral fluid include the pursuing: Providing quick results eliminates the necessity for people to return to get their results, although excellent results must be confirmed by an additional test.An oral test is less dangerous to the tester.

Copyright 2008 Advisory Panel Kaiser and Company Family members Foundation. All rights reserved.. Advocates for SCHIP growth look to next year while Democrats, Republicans disagree over capability to pass legislation this session Advocates of reauthorizing and expanding SCHIP are warily training their eyes on next 12 months with a mix of anticipation and panic since it seems unlikely that you will see another vote on the legislation during the current congressional program, CongressDaily reviews . Congressional Democrats recently said they will not hold a vote on SCHIP legislation this full year, citing an inability to override a promised veto by President Bush . In January, the home fell 15 votes brief of overriding Bush’s veto of SCHIP legislation, CongressDaily reports.