AU Summit focusing on maternal.

AU Summit focusing on maternal, child health begins in Uganda Delegations found its way to Kampala, Uganda, for the start of the 15th African Union Summit, monday which begins, the Daily Monitor reports . ‘The summit will address various issues, including health, food and infrastructure security. It will tackle security worries in Somalia, Uganda’s foreign ministry said in a statement,’ CNN reports . ‘The theme is definitely maternal and child wellness. [which] is certainly intertwined with meals security and nutrition protection. So, as the Ministry of Agriculture, we will be playing an integral role, especially in the medial side events which we will be addressing food and diet,’ Hope Mwesigye, Uganda’s minister for agriculture, animal industry and fisheries, told VOA News ahead of the summit .The price of stent thrombosis was similar with the three anticlotting regimens tested in the ACUITY trial. ‘The incidence of stent thrombosis is a critically relevant subject today, in high-risk sufferers with acute coronary syndromes especially,’ said Dr. Stone. ‘These data, carefully collected and adjudicated by a committee blinded to stent type, provide reassuring proof that long-term stent thrombosis prices aren’t higher with drug-eluting stents when compared to bare metallic stents,’ Dr. Stone said. Dr. Stone will present the one-year outcomes of the ACUITY trial at a Late Breaking Clinical Trials program on Monday, March 26, at 2 p.m.