ASH conference highlights H1N1 pandemic threat.

Strouse, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at The Johns Hopkins University College of Medicine in Baltimore. Dr. Strouse will present this study within an oral session on Monday, December 7, at 8:15 a.m. In Room 220-222. Security and Efficacy of Sildenafil Therapy for Doppler-Described Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients With Sickle Cell Disease: Preliminary Results of the Walk-PHaSST Clinical Trial [Abstract #571] As sufferers with sickle cell disease have got a high rate of hemolysis , excessive amounts of hemoglobin are released in to the bloodstream that react with and destroy nitric oxide, a critical regulator that dilates blood vessels and inhibits clotting.Our research will look at polymorphisms in genes in the miRNA biogenesis pathway and plasma miRNA levels to see if they’re potential indicators for prostate cancer aggressiveness or outcome and how these associations might connect to race.’ Bock and her collaborators will examination the association of inherited polymorphisms in genes in the miRNA biogenesis pathway, along with the association of plasma miRNA levels with prostate cancers aggressiveness and biochemical recurrence in 480 African American men and 320 European American men. ‘This task may show that certain miRNAs are potential targets for treatments with demethylating brokers to avoid or slow prostate cancer, and these target miRNAs may vary by race,’ said Bock.