AMCHP honors LSUHSCs professor for excellence in maternal and kid health care Rebekah E.

Gee MD MPH FACOG, Associate Professor, LSU Wellness Sciences Middle New Orleans’ Institutions of Public Health and Medicine, has been chosen to receive a Reputation of Distinction for Excellence in Condition Maternal Child Health Leadership Award from the Association of Maternal & Child Health Applications. The award honors Dr. Gee’s leadership, vision, and contributions to the ongoing health of women, children, and households in Louisiana. The award, that was established this year, recognizes outstanding state MCH professionals whose careers have made significant contributions with their state’s MCH plan, state maternal and kid health outcomes, and who’ve made other significant contributions to advertising and safeguarding the ongoing health of women, children, and families in their state.Neem tree, for example, can be used as an antibiotic because the leaves have a sour flavor and it purifies our bloodstream and improves the immune system. Neem is also used to eliminate the diabetes as the leaves have got small pores which have the ability to treat a diabetic individual. There are many trees and natural herbs having medicinal worth which may be used to treat the illnesses of the human being and in my opinion this is the need of that time period too. The time has come for us that we should transformation our attitude and build some confidence on these natural basic products provided to us by nature.