Akebia Therapeutics reviews net lack of $9.

We are in a strong position to advance our goal of providing a novel rapidly, best-in-course therapy that harnesses the power of HIF biology for the treatment of anemia secondary to CKD, a significant and growing patient inhabitants that remains severely under-treated and could be exposed to security risk with current treatment options. First Quarter and Latest Corporate Highlights Completed enrollment in the Company's Phase 2b clinical study of AKB-6548 for the treating anemia associated with chronic kidney disease in patients who are not dependent on dialysis Completed an initial public offering raising approximately $104.4 million, net of underwriting discounts, offering and commissions expenses Strengthened the Plank of Directors with the addition of Michael S.The result is a world where nobody thinks about the long-term implications of today’s trends because everybody’s too active trying to extract a buck or two from the very system that may destroy their potential. Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson may also run dryConsider Las Vegas while you ponder all this: Here’s a city with no water future whatsoever, continuing to build fresh casinos and develop its population even as the water level of Lake Mead has recently dropped to emergency amounts . What do the social folks of Las Vegas imagine they’ll drink when all the cheap, easy water is fully gone? Can they swallow dust and pretend it’s water? The sobering truth is definitely that everybody who lives in Las Vegas doesn’t think about this.