Aflac receives two Communitas Awards for excellence in community program.

Winners are recognized for specific applications involving volunteerism, philanthropy, or ethical and sustainable business procedures. Nominees are evaluated predicated on the extent and effectiveness of their programs. As a business, you want to be judged not merely by the great insurance plans and products we offer, but the positive, lasting impact we have on the community, Aflac Senior Vice Chief and President Marketing Officer Michael Zuna said. We are very happy to acknowledge these Communitas Awards and renew our resolve to honor the accountable philanthropic values shared by everyone at our firm.92 percent of voters surveyed favor U.S. Support of WHO, Better Globe Campaign poll shows A fresh poll released on Wednesday by the Better World Campaign ‘discovered that 61 % of voters start to see the Who have favorably and 92 % say america should continue contributing money to the agency,’ The Hill's ‘Healthwatch’ blog reports. ‘The BWC touted its statistics and argued U.S. Funding for global wellness efforts should remain a priority as Washington enters a standoff over your debt ceiling and automatic budget cuts known as sequestration,’ the blog writes, noting, ‘The U.S.