Advances in treatment have improved the chances of survival for young patients with cancer.

Lifesaving Cancer Treatment Resulted in Heart Problems 2 DECADES Later Pat was 29 and newly married when he was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkin's lymphoma. Like the majority of young patients with this type of cancer, Pat responded well to aggressive radiation and chemotherapy therapy. Pat resisted viewing a health care provider for a while, but his wife Kim finally convinced him to visit the hospital. Initially he was treated for dangerously high blood pressure. But continued symptoms soon led to a diagnosis of coronary heart disease. Both treatments are now recognized to cause long-term damage resulting in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease later in existence.2. Knowledge without Character This is all about wisdom. Rooted in the indigenous wisdom passed on to him through his parents, Mansukh Patel shares ancient solutions to a few of the very contemporary dilemnas we encounter. This includes specific practical lessons we are able to apply in youth education. 3. Wealth without Work So often we overlook life’s greatest treasures through our pursuit of financial protection. On our deathbed we are very unlikely to wish we’d worked harder – instead, a lot of people wish that they had spent additional time with their family, relaxed more, and seen more of the global world perhaps.