Actions taken on HPV vaccine proposals in Kentucky.

Ohio: Rep. Edna Dark brown plans to introduce a bill that would require that young ladies receive an HPV vaccine before entering the sixth grade, the Dayton Daily News reports. Based on the Daily News, it could cost $56 million yearly to vaccinate the state’s 156,000 sixth-grade girls. Brown aide Mercy Sutyak stated private insurers, Medicaid and federal immunization plans would probably pay for the vaccinations . Dark brown said the measure also would add a provision to educate children and parents about the vaccine. Gov. Ted Strickland said although the vaccine is certainly a major medical breakthrough, he is not and only making it mandatory, the Toledo Blade reviews.Raj, M.D., Jeffrey B. Kopp, M.D., Jiang He, M.D., Ph.D., Nancy G. Jensvold, M.P.H., Kaixiang Tao, Ph.D., Michael S. Lipkowitz, M.D., and Lawrence J. Appel, M.D., M.P.H. For the AASK and CRIC Research Investigators: APOL1 Risk Variants, Race, and Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease In the United States, black patients have approximately twice the chance of end-stage renal disease observed among white patients, after accounting for differences in scientific and socioeconomic risk factors.1-4 This increased risk occurs despite an identical prevalence in earlier levels of chronic kidney disease5-8 in both racial groups, which suggests that kidney function declines quicker after the onset of chronic kidney disease in black patients.