Accovion supports local and global projects of most types and phases for the pharmaceutical.

Nikolay Odintsov for our Moscow office. I am self-confident that under their business leadership and with their scientific research expertise, our operations in both countries will continue steadily to flourish.’ In 2011, Accovion’s strategic plan includes formalizing activities in several other European countries by establishing additional subsidiaries. With its active, well-planned expansion, Accovion aims to offer its customers a broader spectrum of country-specific clinical research expertise, all under one roofing and all offering the quality solutions that Accovion is well known for..Shah and co-first writer Yehuda Ben-Shahar, Ph.D., an associate professor of biology at Washington University who was a postdoctoral fellow at the UI when the study was conducted, worked well in the laboratory of senior study writer Michael Welsh, M.D., UI professor of internal medication and molecular biophysics and physiology, who retains the Roy J. Carver Seat of Internal Physiology and Medicine and Biophysics. Welsh is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator.