According to Alexander Bukreyev.

A single dosage of a test vaccine sprayed in to the nose protects monkeys against the SARS virus A single dose of a test vaccine sprayed into the nose protects monkeys against the SARS virus, according to Alexander Bukreyev, Ph.D., Peter Collins, Ph .D., and coworkers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases , portion of the National Institutes of Health . The study, published in the June 26 problem of the British journal The Lancet, is the third recently issued by NIAID that describes a promising applicant vaccine against SARS.

Putative TMJ stem/progenitor cells are put through local, hormonal and other systemic elements in homeostasis in multiple processes that warrant better elucidation. In parallel, there can be an severe demand in the medical community for the regeneration of various TMJ components, including the disc, condyle, synovium and the mandible. This symposium will not only provide new areas of a timely and under-studied subject matter of TMJ biology and therapeutics, but also make use of TMJ as a model for the study of other oral and craniofacial structures and illnesses. This is a summary of sequence #87 titled ‘TMJ: Stem Cell Biology and Engineering toward Clinical Translation’ that may feature abstracts to end up being presented by M. Embree, M. Detamore, A.