ABX203 can be a therapeutic vaccine composed of 2 recombinant proteins from HBV.

ABIVAX doses first individual in ABX203 Stage IIb/III trial for treatment of chronic hepatitis B ABIVAX, a clinical stage biotech company developing and commercialising anti-viral compounds and human vaccines, today announced that it offers dosed in New Zealand the first individual in a Phase IIb/III clinical trial of ABX203 which is taking place in a number of countries of the Asia-Pacific region noopept uk . The analysis is designed to assess whether ABX203 can deliver a substantial improvement in the treatment of persistent hepatitis B via controlling viral load for a a lot longer period of time in comparison with current treatment plans. ABX203 can be a therapeutic vaccine composed of 2 recombinant proteins from HBV, the top antigen and the nucleocapsid framework .

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