About Scouting and Our Troop

Scouting is a program composed of a series of ranks, skills, and activities that is designed to challenge boys to do their best. Scouting acknowledges and rewards the boys for their accomplishments. Many of our activities are designed to promote citizenship, cooperation, respect, responsibility, teamwork, and trust.

In adult leadership training sessions, we are often reminded that the most successful (and most fun) troops are the ones run by the boys with support from adults. In scouting, each boy is encouraged to take part in the planning and carrying out of troop activities. Furthermore, scouting offers leadership opportunities to the boys at various levels within the organization. If all this sounds a little high minded, remember we try to go camping, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, skiing, and swimming too. Basically if the boys have an interest and plan it we will attempt it.

Troop 746’s chartering organization is the Mowatt United Methodist Church, which is where we meet. Sponsoring our troop is part of Mowatt’s concern for and commitment to the youth of the community. The Church asks that we respect their property and abide by the rules they have set for use of the fellowship hall. We are very grateful to the Mowatt congregation for their support over the years.

Most troops have an adult committee (this is where the adult support part comes in) whose job it is to see that the troop functions according to the rules of the Boy Scouts of America. On top of approving and supporting troop activities, the committee takes care of paperwork and plans FUNdraising events. Many of our committee members do not have boys active in the troop anymore. What they do have is a sense that scouting is a worthwhile activity that they are willing to continue to invest in, with their time, effort and sometimes monetary. The Troop Committee has a chairman who is always looking for adults to join in the administrative tasks. The troop has had 3 Scoutmasters in its history since 1955. Mr. Al Cousins served for 32 years; Mr. E. Brown served for 8 years and is still an active member of the Committee. Mr. Lenny Wertz has been Scoutmaster since 1996. The Scoutmaster works with the youth leaders and a group of Assistant Scoutmaster to carry out the program. Our Scoutmaster is always looking for Adults who wish to get actively involved with the Outdoors and Knowledge sharing aspect of our Troop Program as it relates to working with developing our youth into productive Leaders and adults of the future. The BSA and Troop 746 does require that all adults working in either the administrative committee or program committee side of the Troop participate in mandatory training, that will be explained upon joining any unit. Some of which is easily completed online and others may require a day or two of time on your part.

The Troop is here for the benefit of your son. It takes a lot of work to support this program and we do need your help doing so. Normally, we plan nine camping trips, a couple of day outings, and a summer camp, which lasts five days. Sprinkle in service projects and other requests that come up from time to time. We expect parents to drive on at least two outings per year. We have been lucky in the past to not need to enforce this request as our Scoutmaster and a few other adult leaders have driven on nearly all-camping trips. We hope that they will continue to drive on future trips; but we need for parents to share the hauling of boys and gear over the region. We must have at least 2 adults on each outing. We highly encourage parents to participate in the operation and events of our troop. On most of our activities everyone has fun. Parents should also encourage their boys to participate fully in our program and FUNdraising events. The money raised goes to pay camping fees, purchase troop equipment, advancement badges and offset fees for summer camp and other activities.

The Troop Major source of Funding is currently derived from the Booth we operate at the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival. We also conduct two smaller fundraisers of selling Christmas Wreaths and Scout Popcorn. From time to time we receive other donations from other organizations and members that wish to support the Troop.


Please come give our Troop a visit we meet Wednesday Nights beginning at 7:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall of Mowatt UMC 40 Ridge Road Greenbelt.

Check out our Fees and Registration Page and if you do join our group hopefully together we can make your son’s and even your scouting experience one that will be remembered for life.