Abortion pill is safe and sound to terminate of pregnancy Is medical abortion safe and sound?

So, these are certain dangers that present in the medical abortion but if a course is finished under doctor’s supervision then chances of positive result are on higher side. What kind of precautions are necessary? Should it be MTP kit or other abortion pill there are some common safety measures to be studied otherwise you will land in trouble. 1.Do not surpass the limit of dosage without proper consultation with a doctor. 2.In case if you miss a dosage for the day at fixed period then take it so long as you remember. 3.Do not take two dosages consecutively it might take heavy toll on your own life in fact it is to be looked at as medical emergency. 4.If you do not want to terminate pregnancy carry out not consume abortion pill then.So, please, someone get me something worthy of posting. It can be documents, video or audio recordings. Let’s expose this injustice for what it really is, and let’s share it with the globe. I give you my term that I’ll spend whatever needs doing on publicity and bandwidth to share this with millions. The Death Star has a weaknessYou see Even, the Food Supplements Directive has a great weakness: this rules is so utterly ridiculous that the act of enforcing it will be its downfall. They simply cannot enforce this legislation without embarrassing themselves by doing stupid things, like raiding a supplement company enjoy it was a cocaine bust. The only method they can escape with that is if all of the vitamin companies in European countries roll over and comply. If you voluntarily adhere to the ruling, you are giving it power and legitimacy.