Abbott wins 2011 Scrip Award for Corporate Public Responsibility Scrip.

Decade-Long Partnership Provides Sustainable Improvements in Treatment In the last decade, Abbott, the Abbott Fund and the federal government of Tanzania possess modernised infrastructure, strengthened hospital systems and management, trained health workers, and expanded access to high-quality testing, treatment and treatment across the country.. Abbott wins 2011 Scrip Award for Corporate Public Responsibility Scrip, a respected global biotech and pharmaceutical information organisation, honored Abbott and its philanthropic base, the Abbott Fund, with a 2011 Scrip Award for Corporate Public Responsibility in Scrip’s seventh annual awards ceremony in London on Thursday evening. Thomas, President, Abbott Fund.Any summary provided at the level of a region or country may mask significant disparities within that area. In conclusion, we found that population aging and growth accounted for the increase in the number of global deaths from cardiovascular disease between 1990 and 2013, despite an overall decrease in age-specific death rates in most regions. In only a few regions have benefits in cardiovascular health offset these demographic forces to a level sufficient to result in a decline in the number of cardiovascular deaths.

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