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Furthermore, Daisley explained that, ‘With Mobility XE’s advanced policy management ability, our IT staff has greater versatility in handling the network. As a total result, we now designate the Flexibility XE in the ‘Severity 1’ classification because it has become such a mission important application.’Â Â.. Allina Hospitals & Treatment centers deploys NetMotion’s portable Virtual Private Network NetMotion Wireless, a leading provider of mobile management and productivity solutions, announced today that Flexibility XE, a mobile Virtual Personal Network , offers been deployed by Allina Hospitals & Clinics.Our findings regarding nilotinib change from results of these research of imatinib in several important respects. First, nilotinib is a far more potent and selective BCR-ABL inhibitor than imatinib. Second, within the first 12 months of therapy, the number of progression events was significantly low in both nilotinib groupings than in the imatinib group, a phenomenon that has not really been observed for the 800-mg dose of imatinib.