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Air Methods’ STS-6 Dual Stage Dry Vacuum Program named The Teeth Advisor’s ‘Editor’s Choice’ Air Techniques, Inc., a leading dental equipment manufacturer, announced today that its STS-6 Dual Stage Dry Vacuum System was called an Editor’s Choice by The Dental Advisor click for description . The highly regarded science-based publication gave the STS-6 system the maximum possible overall ranking of 5 stars as well as a 98 percent clinical ranking. The STS-6 system was sent to a selected band of 8 Clinical Consultants randomly. Over the course of half a year, each Clinical Consultant and his / her staff integrated the product into their day to day routine, used the product regularly and then completed a thorough survey.

Reducing pollution from contaminants that are too small to become filtered in the nose and throat and settle in the lung area could save as much as 300,000 lives every year, according to a declaration released by the WHO’s regional office in Manila. It also could cut the global burden of disease from respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease and lung malignancy, she said. Particulate matter pollution is considered the biggest health risk. But the WHO Air Quality Recommendations also recommended lowering the daily allowed limits for ozone. That represents a challenge especially for developing countries with numerous sunny days when ozone concentrations reach the best levels, leading to respiratory complications and asthma attacks, WHO said.