A factor thats exacerbated famine over the continent.

However, adopting these genetically altered seeds reduces diversity and resilience of local seed types, according to a report by the African Center for Biosafety in South Africa. It’s a system designed to benefit agribusinesses rather than small-level farmers, said Mariam Mayet with ACB, adding that government subsidies for Western-style agriculture eliminates money from general public crop-breeding programs providing improved seeds at low costs to farmers. Chris Williams, the Gates Basis press secretary, said within an email that the organization does focus on native traditional crops like cassava, sorghum and millet.Related StoriesCrucial switch in single DNA base predisposes children to aggressive form of cancerMeat-rich diet may increase kidney tumor riskCornell biomedical engineers develop 'super natural killer cells' to destroy cancer cells in lymph nodesPatients examined in the study had advanced carcinoid tumors that started in the gastrointestinal system, lungs and other places in the physical body. Carcinoid tumors, the most typical form of NET, are a rare cancer that can cause symptoms such as diarrhea and flushing. Most patients with carcinoid tumors are not diagnosed until their disease has advanced, meaning the tumor has spread to other areas of the body and has become more difficult to treat.