A checklist to stay healthy at every age Can a doctors advice to his mother conserve 100.

That, and the notion that it could help people like my mother, helped me finish this project. .. A checklist to stay healthy at every age Can a doctor’s advice to his mother conserve 100,000 lives a year? Shantanu Nundy, MD, a second-season resident in internal medication at the University of Chicago INFIRMARY might soon get out. Driven by his mother’s health questions and the difficulty of providing simple, dependable answers, Nundy collected all the generally recognized truths about stopping disease, arranged them into checklists predicated on age, and persuaded the Johns Hopkins University Press to publish them as REMAIN HEALTHY at Every Age group: What Your Doctor Wants you to Know. Everybody knows it is far better to prevent an illness than to take care of it, said Nundy, however because millions of Us citizens don’t know these things, and doctors don’t take the time to tell or remind them, thousands die each year from preventable disease.Median survival had not been reached in either combined group. Of October 2011 Progression-free Survival and Overall Survival as The median follow-up was 45 months from the time of randomization and 55 months from enough time of diagnosis. The likelihood of surviving free of disease progression for 4 years after randomization was 43 percent in the lenalidomide group, as compared with 22 percent in the placebo group ; 79 patients in the lenalidomide group and 73 sufferers in the placebo group had died by October 2011 .