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The main goals after the give to the HIV AIDS Alliance were to guarantee the epidemic not really spreading further and those who need treatment receiving treatment. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of the Ukraine, which chairs the united states Coordinating Mechanism and through the Ministry of Wellness has pledged its support and assistance to this process also to the Alliance and IDA ARV B.V. The Global Fund has authorized three grants worth a total of $25 million over 2 yrs to Ukraine. The first 2000 patients will take advantage of the joint efforts of IDA ARV B soon.V. And the HIV AIDS Alliance.The Jacobson Creativity Award honors living surgeons who’ve been innovators of a fresh advancement or technique in virtually any field of medical procedures and is made possible through something special from Julius H. Jacobson II, MD, FACS, and his wife Joan. Dr. Jacobson is an over-all vascular cosmetic surgeon known for his pioneering function in the development of microsurgery. In 1943, after graduation from Woodberry Forest School, in Orange, Vir., Dr. Hendren enlisted in U.S. Naval Aviation at the age of 17, learning to be a Carrier Qualified Naval Aviator. Following active military duty, he earned an Stomach degree from Dartmouth University in 1948.